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Why Choose an SFPP Facilitator?

Why Choose an SFPP Facilitator?


We have a succesful history of developing teams, strategy, diagnosing problems and exploring opportunties.


The choice of a Professional Facilitator is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your performance transformation or change programme


Society today requires an empowered workforce, supported and enabled by power technology, working in unison with virtual networks to deliver new kinds of services.


Finding Facilitators who are able to deliver consistently, work across different teams and develop individual and team competencies are a rare and qualified breed. It takes a vast amount of experience or talent to work with and through people to create elite performance and performance based environments. We are able to provide the best Facilitators, using  world class techniques across a range of geographies and regions. We should know, we coached the 7 values of Oympians to Olympic Sportmakers in 2012! Values such as inspiration, equality, excellence, determination, courage, friendship and respect were all brought together using one of the great tools in out Facilitators kitbag (PACE) to produce community sports champions.


SFPP operates a strict code of ethics to ensure that organisations are able to hire the most able facilitators, utilising the SFPP Facilitator Code of Practice


SFPP provides a UK/World Wide training through accredited partners as well as providing learning events itself.


There are millions of potential facilitators but you will only find those with the right qualifications and experience in SFPP. We make the decision making a matter of professional choice.


SFPP members benefit from continuous education in their field, regular meetings and programs, access to professional and educational content, and sharing knowledge with their peer to peer network.


We aim to grow our society for the benfit of our members.

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