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Starting a Business

If you are considering starting a business in Facilitator Coaching  and Mentoring, please contact SFPP for advise and support.


Becoming an affliated or accreditied organisation can support your branding and of course, as an individual member you are entitled to use the letters SFPP after your name as well as having access to the most comprehensive library of professional content in Facilitator Coaching and Mentoring.


Organisations who create their own "In House" Facilitator Competencies through the SFPP 'Facilitate Me' programme are automatically eligible for corporate membership, which carrries its own benefits.


For the corporate SFPP member, carrying our logo means you are a business whose mission is to enable its employees, employers or sponsoring organisation to become a high learning organisation - qualities of leading organisations and thinkers from around the world.


We aspire to to support the modern era of organisational thinking.

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