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Group dynamics are important in workshops. Icebreakers can have a significant impact on loosening 'stiff minds' and breaking dowm emotional barriers, especially in change or transformation programmes. However, expert attention to the way participants interact, interpersonal relationships, posture, body language, non verbal communication, fatigue, status, authority, passivity, eccentricity, humour, aggression, attitudes, dominance and a range of other factors can have a substantial impact on the success or failure of a group session or workshop.


It's not a matter of the experienced Facilitator becoming the universal psychoanyst of people performance. It's more of  about becoming a unifier of values and ideas into one consensual direction. Direction which makes sense to the individial team player and the organisation and direction which will harmonise the goals of the individual and the organisation. This way, the organisation achieves maximum performance and a workforce which readily identifies with its mission and objectives.


People and Organisation function as a single, seamless coherent entity and no orgainsation can compete or compare without the same level of human and organisational harmonisation.

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