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Performance Modelling

Performance modelling is used to create the right quality of information in order to clarify opportunities, eliminate problems, develop srateies or improve teams.


The Facilitator would have identified which tools are the most useful for ay particular session. Using the principles of Workshop Design, they will draw upon a suite of tools to do the job. Whichever direction the session or workshop takes followng the initial brainstorming phase, there will be a appropriate tool th extend the realm of thinking.


The sometimes wild and wacky or regurgitative explosive stages of information dumps on to the walls of the Facilitator Venue will eventually be turned into a definitive set of priorities and action statements which the group will own as individuals within a 'team'.


The Facilitator has all they need 'at their fingertips' to prepare that final workshop report - it may just be a matter of  taking the paper of the walls and rolling it up unless the have captured it electronicaly during those wistful breakout sessions!


There are over 70 common performance evaluaton models  available and  'Anybodys Business' provides mapsto show how someofthese relate to each other.


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