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Organisational Learning

Organisational Learning is a means of understanding how well the organisation develops its knowledge base.  Organisations can remain static and fixed within the same functional operating mode for decades, without addressing key issues of change.


Adaptable organisations try to build flexibility in the way the way they do things. This includes the development of staff competencies, understanding its key processes, providing time for learning and development, communicating consistently and developing a level of independence or empowering environments.


The Facilitator is able to support organisational learning by providing support for group brainstorming sessions, exploring opportunities, diagnosing problems or creating powerful team strategies - all the things covered in our Workshop Design and the 3 Tenets as well as our world class f-code methodology


One can consider the methods used in workshop delivery as the tools to develop the knowledge whilst the f-code is the way in which the tools are used or applied. Through careful and consistent use of the Facilitator code and session building tools, planning and performance become much easier to

achieve. Participants enjoy the experience and build their understanding whilst the organisation benefits from the sustainable post workshop learning and contnuous improvement that takes place.


Great Facilitators deliver an activity which extends far beyond the walls of the workshop.