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Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture helps to define the kind of dominant and sub dominant cultures that exist within the organisation.


As people may demonstrate some specific operating styles or traits - everything from displaying an attention to detail to being more person oriented or from a domineering command-centric position to a bubbly outward looking personality, this approach will show the profile.


So how does your organisation like to operate? How can employees fit in? How well does the culture fit with its stated vision or mission or are we still dragging our feet through the footholes of old hierachical imperialism or bureaucratic layering suggested by Max Weber?


Change also involves culture assessment- how people work together, how they like to operate. It can be used as a means of gauging the level of change in culture required to move the organisation in the directio tne CEO/Board want t to go. There are times when cultures clash as organisations merge and there is a battle for supremacy to take command of the 'battlefield'.



Facilitators can accomodate these organisational wide changes into their strategic, team development based workshops, even when peoples livlihoods and futures are hanging in the air. The Facilitator will structure things to re focus teams and particiapants, develop new ways of working and stregthening everyone's resolve.

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