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Organisational Competencies

Competency Profiling, Up-skilling and Training Needs Analysis...all feature in the development of individual skills .


Today, it's more about understanding what skills are needed to perform a job effectively, and then looking at how well the person matches the 'functionl' requirements of the job.



This will include a mix of general organisational and interpersonal skills as well as more specific or specialised skills relating to the job. Capturing all of these in the specification and then rating them in terms of overall significance applies to different levels of talent within the organisation. Competency Profiling is a method which supports this 21st Cebtrury approach.


However, profiling not only develops a skill map for the individual. Combining in to a scorecard method generates a profile for the whole team or department. We now begin to see how well a department meets its functional work obligations and technical competencies.


Extend this even further to map out whole Directorates and Organisations and you have a complete holistic map of the skills of the organisation. This is useful where the organisation has a clear vison or 'vent' for its strategy e.g. care based organisations.


If your organisation needs to be continuously on top of its game, to meet the exacting and changing requirements of its environment, then it needs to ensure that it is a good learning organisation.


High Learning Organisations are able to sustain a level of performance which makes them true leaders. Faciliation techniques enable people to perform to their best capability create a culture of performance and for the orgaisation to develop a 'best in class' profile.

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