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Organisations can be evaluated in terms of how well they utilise their employees, what kind of driving culture exists and what kind of personal operating styles play the most dominant role.  Successful organisations will often oftem demonstrte a good strategic alignment between employees and vision, culture and operating styles. Where this is strong, we have leadership organisations - often with an active eye on the future, sustainability at its heart and a stromg coherence between environment, technology and people.


Organisations can be profiled to determine many features and develop these kind of traits. These range from profiling to cultural assessment, organisational learning models and personal operating styles. Competencies can also be evaluated to determin the level of fit between organisational activities and peoples skills.


Some of the techniques can be practiced in workkshop setting, aimed at gathering information and over a period of time, developing a change strategy in which to change the organisation or upgrade its profile.


Additionally, Executives also need to form of mentoring in order to help them make key decision...

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