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Leadership skills have become an essential focus in the last decade as more accountability is expected from individuals high up the management chain. Leadership skills are also now being incorporated into the competency profiling of employee job specifications as organisations realise the value of have skills linked to the actual job function rather than what a person has to offer.


Methods can be used to explore individual operating styles and map different levels of leadership.


SFPP also operates a Leadership Mentoring Program working with senior Executive Leaders to support the growing need for personal guidance and objectivity in environments requiring robust transformation governance controls and administration.


Team development workshops are designed to develop team skills but also hone in to the leadership skills of individuals. The F-code is a consistent best practice methodology for developing key skills whilst building the desired outcomes for any group workshop.


Teams are supported and accommodated to make key changes in the way they work and handle every day challenges as well as developing innovative or creative ways of grasping opportunities and solving problems.

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