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Developing people who can facilitate others to improve performance, develop new ways of working, to acccept changes and to share a common vision or strategy has newtork benefit on the organisation. Whilst many public sector orgaisations talk about the loss of corporate memeory as swathes of people have left to find pasture new, casualties in the public job holocaust of 2009-2013, the same organisations are now finding solidity in decentralisation, empowerment structures and development of modern day competencies.


Whilst organisations seek to identify skills against the functions of the job rather than the skills that people already have, Facilitators are helping them to rebuild and redesign organisation - wide competencies through coaching and mentoring programmes.


These programmes involve a range of  pre-workshop scoping and 1-1 stakeholder sessions, the design of appropriate workshops content, delivery within fixed timeframes, uses of a suite of techniquesa and an identified post workshop measurable continuous imorivement process. Infact all the things needed to build in independence and sustainability that organisations need to tread confidently into the future. Public Sector Organisation in particular, especially Councils and Health Care systems, need to develop a level of commerciality never before witnessed. To be counted and accept legal responsibility for how they spend the Treasury's monies.


Faciltitors can also be trained and share in some of the great techniques to develp this commercial base - everything from Pareto to Priority Mapping, from Gap Analysis to Grips, Organisational Profiling to Organisational Learning and Affinity to Action Planning. Members and candidates can also download some of thes greate techniques and maps from the members library.

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