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Facilitator Performance

Great Facilitators will develop a strategy for their workshop if they are able to get good  quality information during the planning stages.


Knowing what needs to be scoped prior to the delivery of a workshop will have a positive bearing on the intended outcomes


Knowing which Facilitator or Performance Evaluation tools to start with in each workshop is another bonus. The Effective Facilitator will always have additional tools at hand should the session start to become more demanding or take on a highly creative approach.


The Facilitator will work with any group to drive forward and integrate ideas and information into clearly defined tasks or 'outputs'.


The Facilitator will know when to be flexible and when to flex a little authority. Observation, inteception, time management, challenging 'conventional wisdom' , session building, flexing and being flexible are just a few techniques within the Facilitators arsenal - the Facilitators code of practice.


And when each workshop is over - the Facilitator has artfully engineered information into a format which can easily and quickly translated into a workshop report. Great for sponsors, invaluable to people and organisations

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