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Facilitator 3P's

Time to reflect. Did you get the facilitator workshop right? After all, your reputation may depend on it! Your mix of methods, process pathway and non-itinerant use of time seamlessly worked to produce the most phenomenal outcomes? Or did it really?


It’s not always that straight forward when you are dealing with a 1001 dynamics but reflection and feedback certainly help you to progress towards excellence!


Keep it simple, there are three categories in which to ponder your performance and these revolve around, not surprisingly, Planning Process and Performance. Bear these in mind each time your participants go away, hopefully, energized and ready for action because you may well have just made a valuable contribution to people working or every day lives - or not?


Planning things correctly supports the quality of the Facilitation process and gives the umph needed for outstanding performance - the kind of 'values' you may be encouraging in your group! 3P's remember, keep it simple.

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