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Facilitator Code of Practice

SFPP Code of Practice (F-code) is based on decades of proven experience in delivering master class workshops and transformation programmes with recognition for excellence from leading professional and industrial bodies. It;s not simply about values and style, it's also about delivering consistency, planning for successful outcomes, and expertise in building participator sessions. Ballancing empathy with discipline, creativity with structure and coaching of groups to mentoring of individuals are all key facets. Having a decent knowledge base by which to design workshops and the ability to develop excellent content knowledge before closing them simply adds to the quality of outcomes.  Auditing, Reporting, Reflection and Self Assessment all add to the cycle of facilitation. It is Holistic in nature.


F-code focuses on developing the following 10 key principles

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Facilitator Planning

Workshop Design

Session Building

Facilitator Flow

Facilitator Values

Adult Learning

Session Psychology

Pre & Post Workshop Processes

Evaluation Techniques

Contnuous Improvement