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Members can find information on a range of tools by logging in and reviewing or downloading the relevant content from this website. Please go the SFPP Library page for masterclass content available to all society members.

Often, problems are known. Sometimes we have dealt with them but they just keep returning with a vengeance.  


There are techniques available to Facilitators to treat the 'root causes' (rather than treating the symptoms) of a problem; People can be helped to redefine service processes and eliminate unneccessary steps which make the process lengthy, time consuming and costly.


Other tools allow participants to rank different options to arrive at the best diagnostic solutions for 'proof' testing later.


Facilitators will rise to the challenge, help teams and individuals to collaorate in a structured way, to solve any problem thrown at them. Additinally, good facilitators will use the session to build positive outcomes, strengthen the team and provide the materials and tools necessary to allow for the right kind of corrective actions sustained high quality performance.

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