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Creative thinking comes easier to some people. Some people are more comfortale with self expression whilst others prefer to be more reserved. However, good facilitation can trea these different operating styles by applying specific techniques.


These techniques are equipped to balance out the different forces a work within group dynamics so that everyone can 'have their say', express an opinion or idea, and 'have a voice'.


Dynamics rage from people who are very vocal, dominant, regarded in 'high authority', 'powerful', 'influential', 'high status' to those who may be 'humble', 'reserved', 'quiet', and 'unassuming'. The spectrum may also include people who are familiar with each other to situations where people have been brought together who are strangers to eac other.


There can be quite a mix of dynamics a work in any workshop session but having scoped the requirement, the professiona faclitator would have asssigned  some worthy tools to deal with al these human and psychological factors whilst developing a workshop strategy to bring aout theves best in everyone.

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