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Courses can be designed based on the specific needs of each organisation. This will involve a preliminary discussion with key sponsors to decide the type of outcomes being sought. Trained Facilitators will then advise on the options available and suggest a course of action There are standard courses available which provide the following



Introduction to Facilitation (1 day) £1500 per group, Min 5, max 20)


This provides an outline of how to develop into an effective facilitator. It is mainly classroom based and takes participants through the key elements of Facilitation including Session Building, Values, 3P's, and basic workshop design. It provides a 1 day credit towards the Facilitate Me master class


Workshop Design (2 Days)  £100 per candidate per day Min 5, Max 20.


This provides training in the design of workshops to support exploration, diagnostic and strategic thinking. It includes Facilitator Planning, Pre and Post Workshop tasks, Scoping,Requirements, Workshop Process and Structure, key tools and techniques and provides a suite of additional tools for students to take away as part of their learning. It provides a 2 day credit towards the the Facilitate Me master class



Facilitate me Foundation (2 days) £150 per delegate/day, Min 5, max 14


This takes participants through the key elements of good Facilitation and coaches the use of the main creative session building tools. Participants will have the knowledge and access to a suite of tools to help them facilitate peoplewithi their own organisation. It provides a 2 day credit towards the the Facilitate Me master class


Facilitate me Master class (5 days) £100 per delegate per day (Min 5, max 14)


This course is designed to help people become effective Organisational Facilitators. They will learn everything about  Facilitator Planning and Performance including Code of Practice, how to apply it, Workshop Design, Use of Workshop warm up sessions and icebreakers as well as key techniques for creative thinking, structuring ideas, prioritisation, mapping, consensus building and options analysis. It teaches participants how to switch between facilitator operating styles, facilitator flow, session building and workshop strategies. The course also provides access to SFPP online tools which is limited to members who have been trained by SFPP or accredited partners

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Courses are designed to support people in practicing Facilitation within their own spheres of life and work.


Candidates not only become good people enablers - they also enable organisational learning and performance.


Facilitators are supported by a powerful network of professionals who share the same passion and belief in the power of people to transform and innovate.

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