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Conflict Management

Conflict happens! The Facilitator will be aware of potential conflict through any pre workshop scoping or will sense it through the type of interactions, verbal or non-verbal, taking place in the sessions. Body langauge and posture is as much a lead as the verbal antics and quipps designed to insult or offend others. Whatever the level or type, The effective Faciltiator must route it out or channel it all positively. The Facilitator becomes an orchestrator of human relationships during those scary change programmes and transformations where participants are fearful of the transition imposing environment and the future of their livelihoods.


It calls for a clear focus of the job at hand, an ability to coach teams as well as take some time 'off line' to mentor peole on a 1-1 basis - just like sports coaching where it is sometimes more effective to appeal to a persons 'belief system' at a personal level and help them to deal with any adjustment needed by themselves. It's not simply about 'brokering a deal' or compromise between conflicting parties as much as it is about understanding how each one can channel their energies more positively; to accept that we can celebrate our diversity, values, gender and and any other unique qualities or skill-sets that we can bring to the table.


This is why Facilitiation involves 'Ground Rules' in 'scene setting' phases of workshops, why 'Round Table' discussions get people to voice their concerns  and why certain techniquies strip out bias and influences that can negatively impact the ensuing brainstorm or team development process. The Facilitator operates to the values laid down in the f-code, participnts understand thye need to 'deal with the issue and not the person' and a sense of underlying 'power' of the team effort in its entirety, simmers gently away whilst everyone is focused on the outcomes, aided by structure, facilitator flow and facilitator easing. It's not waxing lyrical about the Facilitator - it's about understanding what Facilitators are capable of achieving giving the dynamics of any group or team of individuals.

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